Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally back up!!

Yippiee finally got my internet back today!! Been out since late Saturday night. Needed a new cable from the street to the house, he said it was full of water. I'm so happy!! LOL I was pinging off my neighbor's wireless internet. Boy that was a pain it was a very low connection. Would get thru 2 pages & it would die ughhhhh forget email?? I had so many to catch up on!! But yeah it's fixed!!

I got my Downey quilt for kids kit yesterday!! Hope to work on it this weekend while DH is in Raleigh.

Today at work there was a bunch of crabby people calling LOL was stressful. Than Susan asked me to be a witness to her Mom's will. So I met her at Hospice at 1. It took all I had to go thru the front door. Last time I was there I had to leave my Papa behind. But I did it!!! I sucked it up, pulled up my big girl panties, put a smile on my face & did what I had to do for Susan!! When the signing was over I kissed "Ma" told her I loved her & went back to work. I still can't believe I did it!!
OK I'm gonna go kick off my shoes & put my pj's on & chill out!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thrift Store Finds Today

I found these 11 napkins. One has Beaufort Bay Collections written on it. I did a search & found nothing?? 25 cents each.

pictures 196</>

Than this pieced tablecoth & 4 napkins. 3 bucks
It's made in India but no name is on the tags?
The colors are really soft.

pictures 193</>

It's been a beautiful day here high 50's. I got spring fever & started cleaning!!
I made a cheesecake pie & making parmsan pesto turkey over pasta for dinner! Oh & garlic bread.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stumble Upon?

I'm getting alot of people from that site?? Seems someone signed my blog up!! I think it's pretty cool!! Only I don't know who signed me up?? I only heard about that site a few months ago from a Bakespace friend. Hummm whomever signed me up Thank you!!

I have to tell y'all cause I'm LMAO!!! The ex roomie has a ad on Craig's list already!! He just moved there on the 8!!!! They are kicking him to the curb too!!! LOL He was bragging that they were giving him the master bedroom & bath, said it was a mansion about 800 sq. ft. room??
I alway's say what goes around comes around!!

I did this for dinner cause DBIL is here
I took an onion & sauteed it in a bit of olive oil. Sliced about 5 potatoes & put them into a casserole dish. Added the onion on top than browned up 6 small round steaks. Added them to the top, than mixed up a can of beef broth with a can of cream of mushroom soup & poured it over all. Sprinkled it with salt & pepper, baked about 1 1/2 hours. Smells fabulous. I have some creamed corn heating up for DH. And some asparagus for me & DBIL.
I thought it was pretty boring!! The boys loved it they were sopping up the gravy with bread! Men ya never know!! LOL

I'm tired & hyper?? I need to go unwind some how!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Lesson LOL

To make a word click able. Highlight the word you want to use in your message.Than go copy the blog address you want to use. Than on top to the left there's a green icon looks kinda like a frog to me, click on that a bar will pop up & you have to allow temporary pop ups. So allow them & click on the frog again & a box will pop up with http:// in it. Get rid of the http:// & paste the blog address you have copied. Click OK & your done! If your using the new blogger it says Link instead of the frog. Hope that helps!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LOL I learned a new trick today!!

I learned how to make my pictures not click-able! When I was playing around at work with a new photo site. I didn't sign into my blog & I clicked on a picture I have posted in Flickr, I could see all the pictures in there, even the ones I don't have posted?? So to me that's kinda invasive?? No?? So I googled on how to make them not click-able!,LOL about blew my mind!! But found a site that my brain could grasp it!
So I'm gonna share what I learned!! Go HERE & check it out!!

testing a new photo site

So I'm at work & testing a new photo site??LOL


Ya know my pictures look darker here at work than do on my computer at home?

So I started the table runner

I got over the fear of cutting the fabric for the table runner kit that Mom gave me!!
pictures 190</>
Than see that fabric with the pine needles & stars?? That's fabric #5.
Don't ask how I did this with the rotary cutter?? But I did!! LOL

pictures 192</>

Update on Susan's Mom, they are moving her to hospice today :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope y'all have a fabulous day!!

I got my turkey cooked yesterday was yummy too! DH wanted to know where the collards & mashed potatoes were?? I said I was cooking turkey not planning a Thanksgiving dinner! LOL
So our snow is about gone. Was supposed to freeze last night so to be careful of black ice. Not sure if they are going to cancel Church this morning.
I got a few meals for the freezer so when I get home from work at 6:30 we can heat & eat. Instead of cooking & eating at 8!

The update on Susan's Mom is not good :( The fluid in her lungs is cancer related. She was advised to call Hospice & her brothers in. Her younger one got here yesterday & the older one is coming down today. Also her Aunt is coming down but not sure when :(

Saturday, February 13, 2010


DH built me a snowman!! LOL

pictures 187</>

Here ya go Gene!
The plate is a mess!
pictures 189</>


My goodness we got between 5 to 6 inches of the stuff!! Looks pretty but this is the South??
pictures 184</>

pictures 185</>

tee hee Harley dosen't know what to make of it!!
pictures 186</>

Can you believe I didn't buy eggs??? I don't know what I was thinking?? So we ran out & got some last night. It started flurrying around 8:30.
I baked some pork chops for dinner & froze some. I baked a whole cut up chicken & froze that for 2 meals. Made a pot of potato soup. Plus have a turkey defrosting hope to cook it tomorrow.
Oh the cake is fabulous!!! I'll have to type the recipe up cause I tweeked 3 recipes to get it

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey good morning!!

Hey good morning!! From a well rested, super hyper Tango!!!
LOL I'm on my second load of laundry, baked DH a pineapple orange cake. Waiting on the cooked pudding to cool for the filling. Going to have a cream cheese icing that I put some crushed pineapple & oranges in it. Yummmm
I'm also waiting on a lady I sold a table to, DH helped me carry it outside!!

SWEET!! She just came & got it!!
I have to go get my check cause Susan missed the cutoff time for direct deposit. Cause her Mom is in the hospital with shortness of breath, they did some tests. I haven't heard anything on the results yet. Praying the cancer is not in her lungs!
Than stop at the store for ya know bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper. They are still calling for snow later today. I wanna get all my running around done this morning!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OMGosh I'm so tired!!

I started working longer hours at work. Instead of getting off at 3 I get off at 6. So that's 9 hours a day Monday thru Wednesday. Gonna be good for the paycheck but boy am I tired!! So much mind thinking my brain is fried!! LOL So DH wanted to do our taxes when I got home tonight?? Men??!! I got home at 6:30 so 2 hours later taxes were filed & paid for!! SWEET we are getting a great refund on both federal & state! So we can catch up & lay low on getting a room mate cause I sure don't want to!! I'm not into stressing myself out! LOL
If your in the snow storm hope y'all are staying warm & safe. We have colder temps & boy has the wind kicked up!
I'm working from home tomorrow & looking forward to being off Friday!! Mom brought me 4 quilts to be quilted so I'm sure I will not be off, LOL!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

But first Bed of Roses is having a fabulous giveaway it ends today so hurry Here

I got the Pajama Quilting Reloaded DVD yesterday!! I played around with that & tried drawing on the whiteboard. So I tried doing one of the baby quilts & LOL it's hard to draw with the machine! I'll "get it" someday! Need lots more pratice!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ha ha ha!!! I'm a mess!!

OK you guys the main reason I've been stressed out is we have a new roommate & his days are numbered!! He & I clash like cats & dogs & I am so over it!! Anyway he decided to mess with me this morning. I was cleaning the coffee pot with vinegar & he kept emptying it & putting water thru it. Ughhhhh then he made coffee with MY coffee, dude buy your own!!
Food is not included!!
Anyway I was so fired up I made another stacked coin top & scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush! Do I feel guilty?? Heck NO!!

pictures 181

Thanks y'all for the prayers for Susan's Mom!!


Wahooo it's Friday!! And I've been up since 4am??? I don't know if we are going to get any snow. But they are saying the East Coast is in for a big storm!!! Need to get a few things just in case!

I made a Stacked Coins Baby quilt, need to quilt it.

pictures 180

Then last Monday I ordered the DVD Pajama Quilting Reloaded can't wait to get it!! Has a lot of good reviews!! It's for free motion quilting.

Than bad news Susan's Mom cancer has come back & they gave her 4 to 6 months. Breaks my heart!! So starting Monday my hours at the store are going to increase. I'll be working Mon thru Wed. 9 to 6 instead of 9 to 3.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cold brrrr Monday!

For those that asked here's what I wrote on Hancocks
"We went last night to Jacksonville to meet up with the in-laws, it's about 45 minute drive. So after we had a nice visit with them we stopped at Hancock fabrics. I'd show you what I bought, but after waiting at the check out for 15 minutes. While the 3 ladies gossiped in the back, we just left??? I was so disappointed! I had picked out 4 FQ's that were so pretty & hadn't seen at Joanne's." Oh well such is life!
There was no line at the check out only one other shopper in the store.
That's the story!