Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I won a Award!

From Em over at Em Celebrates AKA The Wonky Quilter!!

It's the Cherry on Top Award
So I'm to tell you 3 things I love & pass it on to 3 bloggers & tell them & Thank them!

So 1: I love Jesus!!!
2: I love my family!!
3: I love my husband & miss him so much!!

So I'm going to pass the award to
Pat from A little of this & a little of Pat

Gene from Gene Black an Alabama Artist

Melissa from Ardea's Nest

They have all inspired me, prayed & gave me support & friendship!! I love all y'all!!

Than I won a giveaway from Karen over at Sew many Ways!!!
How fun!! Thank you Karen!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Just step, step, breath, breath is what's getting me by!

So it's not been a Happy New Year so far :(
I had a couple as room mates & it wasn't a good thing! My brother's had to rescue me!! Thank God!!
I did finish quilting a quilt for Mom!! The quilts I'm just quilting for her, she did the tops! It's not the greatest picture.

She pieced this table topper for me, just needs the binding.

Than I made a raggy lap quilt for my DBIL out of some of DH's paint pants, has royal blue flannel for the back. Lots of tears making this!!

Than DH bought me a new camera for Christmas in Oct. It's sweet but bittersweet if you know what I mean! I took this picture of him while we were talking about the settings. It's the one I used for the memorial service, I just love it!!