Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WOW!! Long time no see!!

I can't believe it's been 4 months since I posted!! I had my surgery & it's been a rough road to recovery. I'm having issues with recurring kidney infections. Hopefully it will stop happening!!
I took the pictures down from my last 2 posts due to they went thru Picassa & I want my pictures all in one place instead of all over!

So other than laying on couch
This plant I've had for years, Bloomed??
 photo 20130620_141837_zps300630bb.jpg

My Spider Lily's Bloomed too!
 photo IMG_20130929_114207_zpsf6d885fe.jpg

I made Lemon Cupcakes for a friend's birthday
 photo IMG_20130924_140110_zps221297c9.jpg

Watched the sunset at Wrightsville Beach

 photo 20130929_184819_zps09f00fcb.jpg

Saw this family of geese outside the Dr.s office

 photo IMG_20131007_232929_zps0b5ef10e.jpg

Made a skeleton wreath

 photo IMG_20131012_141146_zps318a5ef1.jpg

Tried a new recipe for Lemon Butter Chicken, Yummy!!

 photo IMG_20131014_163103_zps288413d8.jpg