Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Fabric Shopper giveaway!

Wow y'all have to check out The Fabric Shopper they are having a fabulous giveaway!! Sign up before March 1st!
Good Luck

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too little time!!

Good morning!!

DH went & priced a painting job yesterday & got it!!! Starts today!! Yippee
I have the yard sale meet tonight, I sold a bunch of stuff!!Need to get some more stuff out!! We have too much clutter! LOL So still working on the spring clean up!
I finally got all the quilting picked out of a quilt that the stitches were too big ughhh what a job!! Got it back on the frame last night & it's halfway done! Hope to get some more done when everyone wakes up. But who knows might do it anyway I'm up everyone else should be too! Right?? LOL

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good morning

I've been busy starting to spring clean?? Am I nuts or what?? LOL

Any way this site I belong to Bakespace is having a Kitchenaid a day giveaway for the month of February!!! So if you would like to join click here >

There are some great prizes!!
I submitted
Harley's Crockpot Dog Food
Servings: 10 cups
2 1lb pks. Frozen beef liver
8 cups water plus 2 more cups
4 cups brown rice
1 2 lb bag mixed vegtables

Put brown rice & 8 cups of water in crockpot. Place both packs of beef liver on top, cover. Set crock on low, cook over night. In the morning put the other 2 cups of water in a pot with the veggies simmer till heated thru.
In a food processer alternate liver rice mix with the veggies. Leave it a bit chunky. Store in the fridge. Your puppy will love you!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

LOL I went shopping at 6:30am!!

tee hee I went to a new food store called Bo's. Be one of the first 25 people & get a free bag of grocery's!!
Yippiee!! I got all this free!! LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!

I can see my Tango kitty doing this!! LOL

I made these ginger bread cookies yummmm

And I finally got up the street to get a haircut!! This is the picture I used. My top & bangs are shorter & I LOVE IT!! I was a little nervous going to a new stylist, but it was all good! She's from NJ too, how cool is that!! We had a nice chat the other girl chimed right in! They know a few stylist that I know too! We talked about the education classes & how expensive they are?? LOL we talked about a lot of stuff! So I know where to go to get a haircut & not have to worry!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February already??? yikes!!

Good morning y'all!! Sorry I've been MIA! I've just been busy. Sunday we signed up to become members of the church!! Sunday night I went to the prayer meeting by myself & it was fabulous!! I felt like I belonged there?? Was a good feeling.
After work Monday I went to a friends & hooked up her DSL for her. It was after 6 when I left there had to stop & get the animals some food! Including DH LOL we went to McDonald's had a side salad & a chicken sandwich which I took off the bun & cut it up & put it in my salad! All for 2 bucks! Than last night was the yard sale meet up & I had sold a printer. But she emailed me her DD broke her nose at school & couldn't make it. So she has to come into to town for a ENT appt. & supposed to call me. I called the other one with wanting the food saver & haven't heard back from her. So I took it off the sold list.
Oh on Friday the girl I'm working with told me she's closing her thrift store. So I got all the stuff from there, now need to take pictures & get them on the yard sale site!
I'm telling ya's it away's something??
I went up the street to see if I could get a haircut but she couldn't do it. Told me to come back today after work. So what do ??I make an appt. for one of my customers for tonight at 4:30?? I'm losing my mind!!