Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February already??? yikes!!

Good morning y'all!! Sorry I've been MIA! I've just been busy. Sunday we signed up to become members of the church!! Sunday night I went to the prayer meeting by myself & it was fabulous!! I felt like I belonged there?? Was a good feeling.
After work Monday I went to a friends & hooked up her DSL for her. It was after 6 when I left there had to stop & get the animals some food! Including DH LOL we went to McDonald's had a side salad & a chicken sandwich which I took off the bun & cut it up & put it in my salad! All for 2 bucks! Than last night was the yard sale meet up & I had sold a printer. But she emailed me her DD broke her nose at school & couldn't make it. So she has to come into to town for a ENT appt. & supposed to call me. I called the other one with wanting the food saver & haven't heard back from her. So I took it off the sold list.
Oh on Friday the girl I'm working with told me she's closing her thrift store. So I got all the stuff from there, now need to take pictures & get them on the yard sale site!
I'm telling ya's it away's something??
I went up the street to see if I could get a haircut but she couldn't do it. Told me to come back today after work. So what do ??I make an appt. for one of my customers for tonight at 4:30?? I'm losing my mind!!

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