Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well I've been off work a week!!

Yippiee it feels fabulous! We have gotten so much done around the house!! Father's day weekend we worked on cleaning off the deck plus made a curtain for the one side. We have a peeking Tom over there. Decided the permanent solution is the small weave lattice & 2 x 4's. So hope to get that this weekend!! We had talked about going to his Dad's for Father's day but with him going back & forth to Raleigh he didn't want to get in the truck again, can't say I blame him. We replaced one of the outlets out there it was all cracked & it scared me! So when DH took the cover off it all fell to pieces, lucky it didn't blow up when I plugged the weed whacker in! So he was in Raleigh last week & I got stuff ready to have a yard sale Saturday. We did pretty good! I cleaned & straightened up & rearranged stuff. Worked in the yard till it got too hot. Wed. night I had my friend Doris over & her cute dog Sophie over & we had a great time just drinking wine munching on hot pepper cheese & crackers, red pepper hummus, pretzels & I don't think we even opened the chips?? We sat in the living room & talked, laughed & watched The real housewife's of NYC or NJ?? They are too funny!!! I love it!! Bravo channel!
DH & I hit the thrift store too I found a patchwork shower curtain from the The Company store I paid $2.00 it sells for $59.00??? New in the package!!

Oh since I haven't posted I've been getting comments from "prashant"?? They aren't going to my email?? They have a clickable link, don't click on it!! I think I deleted them all. Thanks "prashant" no profile blogger for spamming me! Now take a hike!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost yippiee!!

After today I have one more day at work!!!! It's been like walking on egg shells & I don't like that feeling!
My niece's graduation was very nice. Skylar sat by me for a bit but she was right by the alleyway & we were up there. Kept telling her she was killing me!! She's so tiny I was afraid she was going to fall thru the railing!! So my Mom got in that seat & she was like OMG!! I said I told you!! I'm afraid of height's & so is she! She's like you let me climb over here??? LOL

A lot of my blogging friends have won Accuquilt Go! cutters!
Pat, Barbara, Toyna, Gene & Sewmeow all have won one!!
Congratulations to all y'all!!
Guess I'll have to pay attention when Accuquilts have another giveaway on Facebook!!

Guess I'm off to work!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow haven't posted since the 31st!

Boy lots of new stuff has happened in that time!!
Hummm let's see my nephew turned 23 on the 2nd plus he closed on his house the same day!! Go Ryan!! Oh he got a new boxer puppy too, but not that day!! It's a boy & his name is Pabst like in Blue ribbon beer?
My niece is graduating from high school this Sat!! Go Becca!! LOL she called to invite us so we chatted a bit. She's going to go to the community college here. Gave up her plan to be a Hooter's girl from when she was 5 or 6!!! Boy did we crack up over that!!!
Than still on the 2nd I gave my 2 weeks notice at my job!! I'm so over all the craziness there!!!! So next Wed the 16 is my last day!! Yippee!!

Today is my Mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!


I have flowers on my tomatoes & yellow squash but no fruit yet??
My back is way better!!!
DH went out of town for a few days & I cleaned like a crazy woman, working out all my anxiety!!
I picked the quilting out of an older quilt, wasn't enough in it plus lots of woobies on the back!! tee hee plus I had control of the remote!!