Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost yippiee!!

After today I have one more day at work!!!! It's been like walking on egg shells & I don't like that feeling!
My niece's graduation was very nice. Skylar sat by me for a bit but she was right by the alleyway & we were up there. Kept telling her she was killing me!! She's so tiny I was afraid she was going to fall thru the railing!! So my Mom got in that seat & she was like OMG!! I said I told you!! I'm afraid of height's & so is she! She's like you let me climb over here??? LOL

A lot of my blogging friends have won Accuquilt Go! cutters!
Pat, Barbara, Toyna, Gene & Sewmeow all have won one!!
Congratulations to all y'all!!
Guess I'll have to pay attention when Accuquilts have another giveaway on Facebook!!

Guess I'm off to work!!


Barb said...

I hope you win one!!

Adventures in Alice Land said...

Hello Ms Tangos ...Haven't been by in awhile! I guess that what happens when the sun comes out after a long winter.

I enjoyed reading all of your posts! Are congrat's in order for it being you last day at work? And...I hope you win the cutter! I hear they are wonderful. But, after spending money on my Cricut items ...I don't think it's in my budget! Have a great day - Alice

Pat said...

YAY!! Almost OUT of that work place now!!! (And...hooray that I got the notifcation of this post now!!!)

Gene Black said...

I hope you are a fan of Accuquilt on FaceBook. For the past several Fridays they have had a trivia question and did a random draw to pick a winner - you don't have to be right, just play!