Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow haven't posted since the 31st!

Boy lots of new stuff has happened in that time!!
Hummm let's see my nephew turned 23 on the 2nd plus he closed on his house the same day!! Go Ryan!! Oh he got a new boxer puppy too, but not that day!! It's a boy & his name is Pabst like in Blue ribbon beer?
My niece is graduating from high school this Sat!! Go Becca!! LOL she called to invite us so we chatted a bit. She's going to go to the community college here. Gave up her plan to be a Hooter's girl from when she was 5 or 6!!! Boy did we crack up over that!!!
Than still on the 2nd I gave my 2 weeks notice at my job!! I'm so over all the craziness there!!!! So next Wed the 16 is my last day!! Yippee!!

Today is my Mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!


I have flowers on my tomatoes & yellow squash but no fruit yet??
My back is way better!!!
DH went out of town for a few days & I cleaned like a crazy woman, working out all my anxiety!!
I picked the quilting out of an older quilt, wasn't enough in it plus lots of woobies on the back!! tee hee plus I had control of the remote!!


luv2quilt2 said...

Oh that last is really important - control of the remote!

Nancy said...

well haven't you been busy...

I love control of the remote..

Cyndi said...

Wow, with all that you've had going on you haven't had time to blog! LOL!! Congrats and happy birthday to your nephew; congrats to your niece on her graduation (and for NOT becoming a Hooters girl!); happy birthday to your mom; and congrats to you for quitting your job! LOL!! Hope you have lots of fun doing the things you love.



P.S. And yes, I also love it when my hubby travels because I get control of that remote! :o)

Pat said...

Had to laugh about the Hooters' girl that your niece had once wanted to be!!! I am still puzzled why I don't get notified when you post on your blog. I think I am going to DELETE myself and then sign up AGAIN as a follower and see if that helps.

Pat said...

Okay...did it and now will cross my fingers it works!!! Also...Happy Birthday (belated) to your mom. I am also a "June baby"...the 18th!