Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well I've been off work a week!!

Yippiee it feels fabulous! We have gotten so much done around the house!! Father's day weekend we worked on cleaning off the deck plus made a curtain for the one side. We have a peeking Tom over there. Decided the permanent solution is the small weave lattice & 2 x 4's. So hope to get that this weekend!! We had talked about going to his Dad's for Father's day but with him going back & forth to Raleigh he didn't want to get in the truck again, can't say I blame him. We replaced one of the outlets out there it was all cracked & it scared me! So when DH took the cover off it all fell to pieces, lucky it didn't blow up when I plugged the weed whacker in! So he was in Raleigh last week & I got stuff ready to have a yard sale Saturday. We did pretty good! I cleaned & straightened up & rearranged stuff. Worked in the yard till it got too hot. Wed. night I had my friend Doris over & her cute dog Sophie over & we had a great time just drinking wine munching on hot pepper cheese & crackers, red pepper hummus, pretzels & I don't think we even opened the chips?? We sat in the living room & talked, laughed & watched The real housewife's of NYC or NJ?? They are too funny!!! I love it!! Bravo channel!
DH & I hit the thrift store too I found a patchwork shower curtain from the The Company store I paid $2.00 it sells for $59.00??? New in the package!!

Oh since I haven't posted I've been getting comments from "prashant"?? They aren't going to my email?? They have a clickable link, don't click on it!! I think I deleted them all. Thanks "prashant" no profile blogger for spamming me! Now take a hike!!


Melissa ;-) said...

Great buy! And so cute!

Gene Black said...

Great deal on the shower curtain. What a find.

Cyndi said...

That's a really cute shower curtain - what a find! I've been getting spam comments on my blog lately - for Viagra! How stupid is that?



Pat said...

I LOVE that shower curtain! We'll need photos of your deck once you have your privacy "fence" in place. I'm sure it will be very nice.

Unknown said...

I hate those spammers!! I finally decided to have my comments be "approved" before posting so I don't have to track them down, post to post...such a pain.