Friday, January 30, 2009

The best of plans??

Well I had a plan going yesterday!! LOL but it got all thrown to the wayside??
DH was supposed to go work in Chapel Hill, but it wasn't ready & plus it was raining. So he was here?? Driving me crazier!!
I had a color cancel till next week so I took a haircut at 10:30, than my older brother & my sweet Skylar came over. She just turned 4 & such a cutie!! She showed me how to dance her way LOL! I cut his hair than was going to sew till my next haircut came. But I forgot I had to get my truck inspected so off I go to do that. I was there about 1 hour twiddling my thumbs! Guess I should find a hand project to carry around?! Then stopped at the dollar store they have green giant frozen vegtables in a steamer bag. And they are good. They are almost out & don't know if they are going to get anymore:( bummer!

I got home & the mail had come Yippiee I got my blocks from my quilt group for the scrappy floating star!! They are beautiful!!
I did mine but I'm not happy with them. They are a tad off so trying to redo those before the deadline!
I got so many things to do LOL but with DH here I don't get half of what I want to do done??? Men! ughhhh LOL

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