Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OMGosh I'm so tired!!

I started working longer hours at work. Instead of getting off at 3 I get off at 6. So that's 9 hours a day Monday thru Wednesday. Gonna be good for the paycheck but boy am I tired!! So much mind thinking my brain is fried!! LOL So DH wanted to do our taxes when I got home tonight?? Men??!! I got home at 6:30 so 2 hours later taxes were filed & paid for!! SWEET we are getting a great refund on both federal & state! So we can catch up & lay low on getting a room mate cause I sure don't want to!! I'm not into stressing myself out! LOL
If your in the snow storm hope y'all are staying warm & safe. We have colder temps & boy has the wind kicked up!
I'm working from home tomorrow & looking forward to being off Friday!! Mom brought me 4 quilts to be quilted so I'm sure I will not be off, LOL!!


Needled Mom said...

I'd be dead tired too. At least the taxes are behind you now. I hope you can enjoy the next few days.

Pat said...

I'm glad you are getting refunds...much better than paying, that's for sure!