Monday, February 1, 2010

Cold brrrr Monday!

For those that asked here's what I wrote on Hancocks
"We went last night to Jacksonville to meet up with the in-laws, it's about 45 minute drive. So after we had a nice visit with them we stopped at Hancock fabrics. I'd show you what I bought, but after waiting at the check out for 15 minutes. While the 3 ladies gossiped in the back, we just left??? I was so disappointed! I had picked out 4 FQ's that were so pretty & hadn't seen at Joanne's." Oh well such is life!
There was no line at the check out only one other shopper in the store.
That's the story!


Pat said...

Oh, I DO recall that happening. What did the Hancock lady say when she called you? Did she just offer a verbal apology? They should at least give you a coupon for a big discount, I'd think.....and I hope she assured you she will speak to that particular store's manager so those employees can be told that is NOT the way to deal with customers!

Needled Mom said...

Oh yes....I remember. Glad that they contacted you. As I told you, I wrote to Joanns and never heard a word. It is so frustrating!

Linda B said...

Ya know, I keep seeing your comments on all the blogs I go to, so I finally came over, and I need to follow you. Duh, takes me awhile.