Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stuff I've been up too.........

Mom found this fun fabric at Joann's. I made it into a Wavy Top Tote, free pattern found online has 2 sizes.
 photo 20150610_122426_zpsj0vw7naw.jpg

Made 2 NeoNatal quilts

 photo 20150614_121340_zps8pfl3fau.jpg

 photo 20150615_191241_zpsggwyqetd.jpg
Made another Wavy top tote bag out of Denim

 photo 20150619_151432_zpsynqu5jlg.jpg

Had to get new doors finally decided on painting them Cosmic Colbalt

 photo IMG_20150814_134252_zps8sxt10oz.jpg


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello Blogger World!!

Hope all are well!!
I'm still regrouping from hernia repair surgery from back in January!! They tried to kill me yet again!! Spent 10 days in the hospital, came home for a few days than had to go back in for another 10 days, ughhhhhhh!!! Than had a nurse come in every other day to change the wound vac. Was a mess I tell ya!! Thank God for my Mom!! She deserves a battle medal, sainthood something!! I wake up from anesthesia ready to fight!! So she gets the brunt of it, good thing she loves me!!
I've been sewing and quilting a bit plus trying to clean, I just get tired quick.

I tried this Jicama Slaw from a local food store, had the ingredients on the label. So I made some my self, it's really good!! Nice change from regular slaw, plus I didn't read the ings. before I bought it! LOL I'm not a fan of fruit mixed with food!!
So here's my version of:

 Jicama Apple Slaw

Everything is either match sticks or shredded

1 medium Jicama  root
1 gala apple
1 small red onion
1 green pepper, feel free to use other colored peppers, more festive!
1 bag of cole slaw mix
2 stalks of celery
curly parsley
Marzettis poppy seed dressing
Mix all together and enjoy!!
On this batch I forgot to buy celery and curly parsley, next time I'm going to use a granny smith apple.

 photo 20150812_200505_zpstkgjrwhu.jpg


Thursday, August 21, 2014

She Lives!!!! LOL

So life begins again!!!
I haven't had a kidney infection since May 26!!! WAHOOO!! (Knocks on wood)
Had a CT Scan with contrast NO CANCER was found!!!

Been trying to get some stuff done!!
I'm cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, have the island almost done! Putting in new paper too!! Hope to go to the Wallace flea market on Saturday, stuff I haven't touched in years has gotta go!!

I quilted a quilt of Mom's
 photo 20140815_153057_zpszrdgvdas.jpg

Made a Origami tote bag
 photo 2014-07-22 15.02.37_zpsb65hhblx.jpg
Pattern Here

Saw this crazy Fox @10am in a neighborhood?
 photo 2014-07-13 12.07.13_zpsclei4e51.jpg

Made a new recipe for Marinated Vegetable Pasta Salad
 photo 20140617_141138_zpsa9oxf4wp.jpg
Recipe Here

Loved making Flour Tortillas
Recipe Here
 photo 20140713_152851_zpszpuxmnpl.jpg


Thursday, June 12, 2014

A bit more.........

Made  myself a birthday cake tried making rose swirls
Was yummy!!
 photo 20140325_171042_zpsheqppri7.jpg

Went to the beach a few times
 photo 20140503_185413_zpszytn5imc.jpg

 photo 2014-05-03 19.01.09_zpsiesevclo.jpg

 photo 20140427_100520_zpsr7in07h3.jpg

Made a Noodlehead 241 purse out of denim
 photo 20140411_165441_zpskrtvxvy4.jpg

Picked blackberries
 photo 20140513_141732_zpswhdnvfks.jpg

Turned them into muffins
 photo 20140514_141253_zpsjqjujuwl.jpg