Monday, January 21, 2013

So the journey began

I downloaded the blogger app to my phone last Thursday while I was sitting getting my first dose of Chemo drugs. I was there for 6 hours!! I had 2 great friends, one took me & stayed awhile. Than the other came & stayed the rest of the time. She also took me home. She brought me a goodie bag of some fun colorful slipper socks, pens, pad, date book, magazine, purple turban with flower!!! Oh & a big pack of tissues. She brought her netbook was fun to see one in action. She had lots of pictures of her 4 month old beautiful grandson!!

This was the view from my chair.


Chris Coyle said...

I fully expected to scroll down and see a goofy picture of you in a purple turban (with flower) and slipper socks. You're no fun!! ;)

So glad you had someone there with you the whole time - it's so tough nowadays when it seems like most people HAVE to work. Not so easy finding someone available. :(

Hopefully it wasn't as bad as you were expecting. {HUGS}

Sweet Pea said...

So sorry to hear you are having chemo! Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your way.

helly5 said...

I was sorry to read you are having chemo but pleased to see you have support - what a thoughtful and fun goodie bag your friend gave you. Thinking of you :)