Thursday, July 22, 2010

Totally Nuts!!

Wow the days are just flying by!! Busy busy busy!! More yard work ughhhh LOL
DH had his helper & wife stay with us while they were working on the new house. Contractor put a halt on the job Argggggghhhhhhhhh
So the kids run up to Jacksonville & he's going to work cutting trees down. DH goes to look at 3 jobs & gets all 3 plus the home owner from the new house calls him back!!! Thank You Lord!! So he calls the kid to tell him to be here at 7am Monday to get back to work. Ummm yes I promise I'll be there?? No show & this is not the first time. Guess he wants to party all weekend & regroup on Monday?? So he promised he'd be here 7am Tuesday morning, DH called him at 10 after 7 like where are you?? So he replaced him!! So I got to take their crap out of the bedroom Tuesday yippie for me! Needed it for DBIL on Wednesday morning!
Tee hee to reward myself I spent $3.50 & bought a raft!! I floated around in my hot tub!! LOL there's no heat on in there, was very refreshing!! Bonus got sun burnt!!

Last night I took the last of the strawberry sherbet & made the boys smoothies!


I'm tickled I figured out how to work the new blogger templates, what fun! Had a hard time picking one out!!

*****Edited to add: Did anyone else have their AT&T cell phone service go out yesterday?? We had no service from about 8am to 5:30 last night. I went to their store about 2 to find out what was going on & one of the networks was down. I asked if we were going to be credited for it?? LOL she looked at me like I just landed from Mars!! It's up to corporate!?*****


Gene Black said...

It is amazing to me that in this economy people just "don't show up" when they have a job!

Your new design on blogger looks lean and clean. I like it.

Basically a DAY without service and they can't say "sure we will give you credit" ? the number on your bill and complain LOUDLY to that guy that barely speaks "engrish"

Pat said...

LOVE the photo of that yummy-looking smoothie!!! I"d not give up on getting a credit on your bill, either. Make a lot of noise about it and they should credit you.

Cyndi said...

Wow, like Gene said, in this economy, I can't imagine not showing up for work when you have a job! Good for your hubby...I would have replaced the guy, too!

And yes, you should complain loudly and a lot about getting a credit on your bill... that's ridiculous! Good luck!



P.S. Yummy-looking smoothie!

Em said...

I love love the new design! How fresh like that smoothy in this post!!!!!!!!!!!! yummy yummy!