Monday, July 26, 2010

Wild weekend!!

So first I got a credit from AT&T!!! On both phones!! YIPPIe!!

Than kicking off Friday night DBIL's girlfriend came down, cause she didn't want to be alone?????????? I think she's nuts!! LOL
Didn't do anything exciting just hung out & talked.
Saturday the boys worked & her & I hung outside & talked. She was tired so she went to take a nap around 3. I get on the computer, who comes knocking on my door??? The kids!! Only it's just the wife & 2 other boys, guess the helper didn't have enough you know what show up!!! LOL She said she wants to come in & get their stuff, I said your stuff is in the garage! She had to knock again to ask for there speakers, they were too heavy for me to move! Again wants to come in. I'll get them for you!
Oh & the blown engine on their truck must have been another lie cause she was driving it!
After all this crap & the slobs they were, there will be NO more people moving into MY house!! I've had enough!!!
So on to Sunday the girlfriend & I worked clean up for DH. Gosh they made a mess!! They took us to breakfast first guess that was the butter up! LOL We cleaned the 2 bedrooms upstairs, the bathroom & the stairway started on the living room & the dining room till we caught up to them & couldn't do anymore. So we get to leave around 1:30. Stopped at ACE to get a light switch thingy for the ceiling fan in the living room. So on the way home I see these things on the curb?? LOL mind you I have a 5 door Tracker & we fit it all in but couldn't shut the rear door!! Plus she had to hold on to the cooler I keep in there!! Such excitement!! So now she thinks I'm nuts!! Oh I fixed the fan light too!!
2 drawer cabinet, Pat do you think this would be good to store a GO!???


Laundry cart


Solid wood TV cabinet!!! AWESOME!! After clean up this is going in the guest room oh have to wait till DBIL leaves!



Nancy said... sure lucked out..but I don't think you should put a GO CUTTER in might smoke!!

Barb said...

Oh your storage units.... Love the receipes you have put up as well.