Friday, January 8, 2010

No snow!!

I got my cupcake brownies baked & dog cookies too. Than sewed for a bit. Got the laundry put away. Than one of my hair ladies called asked if i could come over she had something for me. So we went over & she gave a huge pile of oysters & some spots!!! Yummy! So I had taken chicken out for dinner I fried it for DH & I had oysters~ la~ la~ la makes my heart sing~ la~ la~ la~ I made hush puppies & shoestring onion rings too!!
we never did get any snow!!
Nom Nom!!

pictures 148

Pineapple block started not sure I'm using the ruler right?

pictures 143


Pat said...

I like your block but I don't have a ruler to try one yet, so I don't know if you are doing it right. You can send the picture to Gyleen and she'll tell you. She is very helpful and always willing to answer questions.

lani said...

hum what looks better the block or the onions hummmmmmm both

Rachel said...

Oysters! YUMMMMM. And brownies. Double YUM.

Now I'm hungry. (But maybe not for the dog cookies hehe).

I've never tried a pineapple ruler... hmmm...