Friday, January 8, 2010


Well they calling for SNOW here??? Schools are on a 2 hour delay as of last night?? Not one single snowflake has fallen!! It's rainy & dark & dreary! To get an idea of where I am you need to look at a map & you see the point sticking out coming right up the Cape Fear River, that's where I am! I'm also about 1 3/4 hours from Myrtle Beach South Carolina!
So for my SNOW Day I'm gonna stay in my PJ's for awhile. Breakfast is already done we had bacon, scrambled eggs & grits! yummy! Plus toast!
Than I want to bake Harley some more cookies, bake brownies in cupcake form. Than finish up the shower floor. Than work on my pineapple strips. Than I have 2 FQ bundles than need something done with them?? I'm thinking table runners! There's alway's something to do here!! LOL
Chicken is for dinner need to find something yummy to do with it!!


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

if it's like here, the roads are just "damp" enough to cause slick spots..thus the delay

Needled Mom said...

I say that it call for a "sew" day!

mint said...

We have about 5 ins. here....Yuck!

lesthook said...

Same here. 2 hour delay and not a drop of wetness. Raeford-Fayetteville area.

joanne lendaro said...

What a busy day you had planned, hope you got it all done! Bake the chicken, gives you time to do something else. Snow, snow, snow, sounds like everyone is dealing with it!