Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy busy busy!!

I've been busy doing alot of piddle stuff that you don't wanna do but needs to be done!
Plus Pat got me into the pineapple block thingy to use up scraps!! So I've been a cutting fool! It needs a center square to tie it all together just haven't figured out what color I want to use yet!
Worked here at home this morning than had a few errands to run. DH is at a Jamming for Jesus session now. So I mopped the kitchen floor, threw laundry in than use a generic oxyclean on my shower floor. It has a texture to it & it's hard to clean. This stuff is working great!
LOL I get time for myself & I clean??? That's insane!!!
Oh & I cut my hair off!!! LOL this is not the greatest picture, DH took it & you know how men are!! I'm still getting used to it, not sure about the sides??
pictures 141

Thanks Pat I was trying out a new photo site!! It's not working! I'm sick of all the ads on Photobucket!


Pat said...

not sure if there was to be a picture showing on your post??? (there wasn't)

Pat said... I see the photo. It is hard to get used to a new hairdo, but it looks fine to me. (Of course, I never really saw many photos of you with the "old" hairdo.)

Needled Mom said...

Yeah...what's with free time and cleaning?????????

I like your hair. It is really what is in right now. Wish I could wear mine like that.

I have tried several of the pineapple blocks and have decided that I like black best for my middle blocks.

lani said...

love the the change...and tell me what you are doing with the scrappy stuff...i want to do scrappy quilts this year...

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

your hair looks great, and i love this picture of you more than your "profile" picture, lol