Friday, June 19, 2009

My Crazy Wingnut Life!! LOL

This was Tuesday
Tee hee I ran to the bank after work, stopped here & let the puppies out. Than went & paid the electric bill, stopped at the salon, than ran next door to Joker's. Got lots of hugs from everyone!! Than went to the yard sale meet, came home reheated leftovers for dinner. Than this is the tee hee part, I started the washer & gathered all the dark colors to throw in & stripped off my work clothes too!! I went here by the computer & dang if the door bell doesn't ring???? DH answers it & it's Ric my 7 o'clock haircut???? I totally forgot!! I scream quietly at DH not to let him in!!! Cause my front door is right here in the front hall. If he let's him in he'll see me!!! Probably run screaming my eyes, my eyes!!!! So I had to scoot around DH to run & get dressed!!! LOL My heart was pounding!!

This was Thursday
I have loads to do today!! I have to go let Susan's dog out last night & this morning & feed him! She had to go to Charlotte, long story. Than hit Sally's on the way back for a 10:30 color. My other one cancelled till Saturday morning. I have a wedding to go to Sat. night so have to find a gift?? She has the photography shop next to where we were. They live together so I know they have stuff?? Who knows??

This is today early

Ya know I've been up since the crack of dawn!! LOL I've been sewing & playing Pogo!! I also was thinking about the "wedding present" So I went around the house & looked at "my stuff" to see what I used on a daily basis. So I came up with these nesting bowls. I think there are 5 of them & I use them for everything!! So I'm going to go to Olde Time Pottery & see if they have them still or hit TJMaxx for something???

Later today!
I went & got bowls they are different than mine & there's 8 to this set! Than hit the dollar store they had Hanes her way t-shirts in white for a buck!!! Sweet!! I got 4 tee hee!! Stopped at the food store for a few things. Than came home & went & read a book out in the sun ugggghhhhhhh HOT!!! So then DH came home & said something about going downtown to sign up to win a boat from the radio station. I looked on line to see where it was & their sister station was at the Harley shop 6 to midnight & downtown was from 6 to 10. LOL we went to the Harley shop first they had free pizza & sodas. I was talking to this girl come to find out she was the DJ, I was sweating bullets while I'm trying to eat pizza & talk to her. I'm telling ya it was dripping off my eyebrows ewwwwwwwwww anyway she said do you like Jonny Lang? I said I don't think I've heard of him, she said he's kinda bluesy. I said yes I like bluesy, she gave me tickets to go see him in Myrtle Beach on Thursday night at the House of Blues!!! Than we head downtown & I kept getting hotter & hotter DH was like are you OK?? I'm like I'm HOT!! So we stopped by the house where's he's working. It's a really old huge house. I think the sign on the front said it was the William's house built in 1868. Nice big porches & huge windows. Than on to the main event where walked like 5 blocks & he's like in la la land?? Men??!! I'm sweating now my hair is soaked my t-shirt is soaked, sweat is running down my back I'm uncomfortable & he's wanting to walk around till he looks at me & said lets go find some AC. We go in a pizza place & get a drink which I downed in 2 seconds flat!! LOL he's like dang & gets me more!! I drank 2 sodas & 2 teas!! The heat index is 104 & feels like someone threw a wet smothering blanket on me!!

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