Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I was browsing around some blogs!

And came across this fabulous giveaway!! It's for her 100th post you can sign up to June 21st!!! So go here & check it out!!

I must tell you this DH has a friend who lost his job in Raleigh. Has a 1 month old baby. So DH got him a job where he's working. The kid came down Saturday night was going to be here by 6, showed up at 9. So on Sunday we cleaned out the storage/pantry room. So they could set up the air mattress for him to sleep. So Monday rolls around they have to be on the job by 8am. DH calls me at 9 asks if the kid came back to the house?? I said no I haven't seen him?? He left all the stuff DH set him up with by the back gate?? Guess he high tailed it back to Raliegh?? He's not answering his phone?? How crazy?? So I was mad about it, considering how much stuff we had to move. But I'm over it now cause I had wanted to paint in there!! So alls good!!

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Pat said...

Gee...what a JERK....a month-old baby and having a new job given to him and he pulls that nonsense??? I feel sorry for the baby with a daddy like that.