Friday, May 22, 2009

LOL Still busy!!

I was off all by myself today!!
I went to Susan's Mom's & brought her the red white & blue quilt!! She cried happy tears!! She finished Chemo last Friday & her numbers are looking great!! Praise the Lord!! Than I went to Vintage Values & found a cute demin jumper for $3.00, a tee shirt for 99 cents & rabbit salt & pepper shakers they are too cute!! One's white with a black circle on one eye & the other is the opposite! Than the bank, Lowe's home center, they had a ceiling fan for $19.98, Sweet!! I got one for roommates room the one in there was a tiny one & this one is 52 inches!! Works really well too!!
Than on to Food Lion they had ground beef on sale for $1.69 a lb. I got 2 pkg. so I made a pot of meatballs yummmm for dinner! Going to freeze some & make hamburgers for Monday. Oscar Meyer hot dogs were buy one get one free plus $1.00 coupon!! Got stuff to make potato salad & macaroni salad too!

So after all the running was done I got the ceiling fan up, meatballs going, laundry going. I made puppy & kitty food.
Than started putting the binding on the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt!!
And YES YES YES I finished it!!!
Plus I'm looking for something to wear to Church on Sunday!! They changed the baptism to the morning service?? Ekkkk Can't be a dress & has to be dark!! Not see thru either when wet!! I'm nervous & excited all at the same time!! I didn't expect the time change & felt more comfortable with the evening service cause not that many attend!! LOL guess I get over it!!

Dishwasher is humming softy in the background!! LOL Tango's tired!!

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