Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I've been working on putting up stuff for the online yard sale. We had our meet up last night. I had 3 no shows :( Heard from 1, but in my opinion it's wrong.

I got the Sunbonnet Sue quilt off the frame, I think the machine didn't like all the polyester fabric in it?? I'm so ready to be done with it!! Just needs binding.

Than I took these floating star blocks I got in a swap & sewed them together.
Thanks Louise & Donna!!
I'm going to put a 1 1/2 white border on than going to use FQ's & make the outside boarder colorful & cut them at a 45 degree angle's.

Here's the tomato plants, something is eating my flowers off?? I sprayed them with warm soapy water till I can get to the store. The smallest one's have tomatoes!! Yippiee!!

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