Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've been a cooking fool!! LOL
I ended up at Walmart & got loads of stuff on sale!! So I came home & started a big pot of seasoned green beans took the cubed steak out of the small crock pot. Than let it cool & got it washed then put in ginger cinnamon carrots. Took out the big crock pot & put lemonade chicken in. My little crock pot cooks fast!! So when the carrots were done I got it all cleaned up & put 2 garlic herb pork loins in! Than started a pot of brown rice. I just took out the pork loins & put one in the freezer, froze a big container of green beans too! Now to find room in the fridge for the chicken. Oh & the cubed steaks were delicious!! Had green beans & rice with them! I got a lot of meat on sale such good deals today!! Yippee!! I got a huge green pepper that was .50 cents & I'm going to make it stuffed. DH doesn't like peppers I will enjoy it!! He can have leftovers tee hee!!
Oh I found the recipe online for the Lemonade chicken & dang it I didn't save the site!! I found lots with catsup, vinegar but that's not it I didn't even print it out What a dummy!! I've been searching but still can't find it!

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Pat said... have been busy...hadn't posted in several days and next thing I know, there are several new posts from you to read! Your meals sound SO good.