Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning World LOL

Tango is up & ready to take on the world!!

I got the rest of the binding on the Boston Puzzle!!

Check out Lani's Giveaway to the right!! Such great treasures she's giving away!
Thanks Pat for posting it!! And Thanks for being such a faithful visitor to my little blog!!

Hee hee I went to Home Depot yesterday so why you ask?? LOL My bathroom sink has been dripping & driving me nuts. So I figured out which one was dripping & turned off the cold water one. So using hot water to brush your teeth is a bit weird for me. I googled on how to fix it cause I didn't want to replace the whole thing cause I really love my old fashioned looking white ceramic handles! So I found a video on E-how to replace the washers. Dang he made it look so easy!!! And GUESS WHAT??? IT WAS!!!!! Sweet deal fixed it for $1.77!!!! Yeah me!!

I didn't do a menu plan this week & boy did I miss it!!! So I would like to get some planned for this week!!I found this blog last night!! Was fun!

So I Cooked up some sasuage & bacon, browned some cubed steaks & put them in the crockpot with a can of cream of mushroom soup. Made a pot of rice to go with them. Need to go to the food store, I so liked having a menu plan!!

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