Sunday, April 19, 2009

Still goinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Ugggghhhhh what a nite!! Roomie woke us up at 3:15, with a loud crash. Not knowing what it was I was standing up before I knew it!! LOL I go she's in the bathroom so I say her name & are you alright & what was that noise?? She opens the door & points at herself & said it was me. With that she falls forward & hits her head on the door frame & I'm like WTH, put my arms out to catch her & she's dead weight. So I knew I couldn't do anything without hurting myself. I just held on to her as she went to the floor. I yell for DH he comes running said is she diabetic? LOL I say yes, no she hypoglycemic!! I run & get a glass of OJ & she's not responding fast enough I said should we call 911?? He's like no not yet it will cost a fortune!! So she did this in the salon one time & I'm thinking, the window washer lady helped me that time as I was running to call 911. What did she do??? She gave her OJ too?? Oh, she put some sugar in it!! LOL I whip the glass from her & go put a spoonful of sugar in it. DH's is like don't try & kill her with sugar!! I'm like I'm not!!! But all in all that worked!!! Then I was so fired up I couldn't go back to sleep!! So I played on the Internet looking for that recipe with no luck:( I woke her up at 5:30 to check on her. She got up at 10 to 8 & if she didn't I was going to wake her up again!
I see a nap in my future!!

Tee hee forgot to post that this morning!! Kinda cool it saved it as a draft all this time!!

OK the verdict Lemonade Chicken Yuuuuuummmmyyyyyyyyy!!!
Here's what I tried to remember LOL

1 whole chicken
1 can of lemonade thawed & mixed with spices
1/2 tbs. ginger, garlic power & paprika
1/4 of a stick of butter softened & rubbed over breast
salt & pepper

put chicken in crock pot, butter breast & pour lemonade mixed with spices over top. Put lid on cook for a least 8 hrs on low

Tasted kinda like a lemon sweet & sour.

I nixed making the stuffed peppers & made crock pot stuffed pepper soup. I found the recipe in my online travels this morning. Got that put in the crock about 8ish this morning than we headed to church.
We are to be official members on May 3 than I'm going to be baptized on May 24th after the evening service!!

I got onions & celery cooking to make stuffing for stuffed steaks!! LOL Still goinggggggggggggggggg!!

I'm cleaning the coffee pot with white vinegar too!

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