Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Sunday Morning!!

Having a beautiful sunny warm day!! It's 64 already!

Here's the Lemon Frisbee's! LOL

I finally made Sausage gravy that was edible!! Not bad for a Jersey girl!!
Usually it comes out like glue Ewwwwwwwwww I did made it browner than normal cause I have a problem with eating white things!! I wanted to take a picture with it over biscuits, but it was so good we couldn't stop eating!! LOL

My Christmas catus has bloomed!! I love the hint of color on it!

Then around Thanksgiving I won a fabric wall hanging kit from Kim & she had added a cat panel & I had no idea what to do with it?? So she has one posted that she made here I totally love it!! So I shamelessly stole borrowed her basic idea! I so love it!! Need to find some fabric for borders!

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Pat said...

You're a Jersey girl?? Me, too...but now living in Delaware for nearly 5 years. One of the hardest things was to convince people here that "Jersey girls don't pump gas"!!! LOL