Monday, December 29, 2008


That's all I'm saying!! LOL
My Mom bought me a purse pattern awhile back & I CAN'T FIND IT???? I have searched everywhere, tore places apart UGHHHH what a mess!!

Pat YES I'm a Jersey girl!!
When my Dad was in the Navy he was stationed in Jacksonville NC in 1957 my older brother was born there. I was born in Conn. at the Naval base. My parents grew up in Irvington, NJ. They moved here in 1985 after all my grand parent had passed away. My older brother & his wife moved to SC 2 weeks before they moved. My little brother came down with my parents. I was married & living in Short Hills. Then moved here in 1989. Got divorced & he went back to NJ yippee!! I stayed & got remarried to a southern man!! LOL what a difference!!

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Pat said...

Ah...Short Hills....nice area! I lived several places in NJ....Hawthorne (in Passaic County when a young child)....then Piscataway in Middlesex County....then a short time in Dunellen (same county) and then over 30 years in East Brunswick (also Middlesex County). We then retired and moved to southern Delaware and love it. HATE to go back to NJ and if the kids/grandkids weren't there, we'd not go there anymore!!! Too much traffic...taxes and car insurance too high, etc....etc. I'm glad you found your pattern. I hate it when things are SO drives me BONKERS. (and usually the things that get lost are the ones I made sure I put in a SPECIAL place so I'd NOT lose them) LOL