Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wild day!!

Busy what a day! I can't believe how busy we were?? Guess everyone was thinking they don't need their computer's tomorrow!! Susan didn't come in till about 2:15. She went & ran errands & was helping her Mom cook. She called an inpromptu meeting we all had to gather around her computer to watch something. Which we all thought was the commerical we did awhile back. But NO was about one of the Friendly computer guy's getting busted for child porn!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!
I had a haircut last night that cancelled cause he threw out his back. So made it for tonight around 7, he called me at 4 he had stayed home from work. So I went to him SWEET he paid me 30 bucks!! I was like dude that's too much?? Anyway he wouldn't let me leave without taking it!!

DH went to Raleigh this morning & is on his way home, should be here about 8.
I have my pumpkin pie in the oven. Shoot I forgot to get some kind of meat for breakfast!
I'm not going back out!!!
Then I found out thru one of the girls at the hair salon. The Little Debbie Man passed away he was the sweetest!! I met him at my Papa's bread store & used to see him everywhere delivering Little Debbie cakes! His wife goes to this girl to get her hair done. I started chatting with her one day awhile back & it's a small world! I want to go to the wake Friday night to pay my respects.
Then another friend called her Dad had a heart attack while driving plus an accident and is in ICU.
*Edited to add* Bummer my friend's Dad passed away
Whew deep breaths!! LOL it's been a wild day!!

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