Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good morning all!!

We are all moved into the new shop!! Got most of it all set up. Phone company was hooking up the phone when I got there yesterday & cable got there around 11:30. The landlord & general manager both came over & welcomed us in the hood! Both are really nice!!
DH wanted me to hook up his email with Craig's list on the laptop while he went & met his brother last night to get the rest of his pay. So I had to go thru the cable site & figure that all out!!
Also figured out how to change my password that they assigned me.
Was a kooky 12 letter number combo that I can never remember to save my life!
I want to look at all my recipes I making for Thanksgiving & make sure I have everything. So I don't have to run out at the last minute.

I also played around on here & borrowed Loralynn's background site her blog is really nice!!

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