Wednesday, September 26, 2012

270 of 366

So I haven't been feeling to good lately :(  I'm on some strong antibiotics. They make my tummy upset, food is not appealing to me. I've been living on water, saltines & peanut butter & black cherry yogurt. I'm not sleeping good either. I wake up every two hours??
This what I see when I wake up!! LOL Tango kitty is so worried about her Mama!!
This was taken last night after I talked to my Mom on the phone. I laid down on the couch waiting on a friend to call & check on me. This not the greatest picture, she's about 2 inches from my face. I had a hard time looking at the phone so close, LOL




andsewon said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope meds work and you are back to your jolly self once more. Good kitty to keep check on her Mama!

Needled Mom said...

Oh no!!! I hope you feel better soon. Those antibiotics can really make your innerds feel dreadful.

Chris Coyle said...

If you're on antibiotics, you have obviously been checked out by a doctor, but you may want to check back in if Tanga was truly getting that up close and personal out of concern??? Animals can sense things we mere mortals can't. Maybe there is something else going on? Or maybe you were just snoring and Tango wanted to find out what all the noise was! ;)

helly5 said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Tango. Tango Kitty looks quite concerned, they are good company when you are feeling low. :)

Sweet Pea said...

Hope your up and about soon. Kitty looks very concerned!

Robyn G. said...

Oh what a good girl she is.
Are you feeling better yet? I do hope so xx