Wednesday, March 7, 2012

59 & 60 photos

So this little boy comes to get his haircut every 5 weeks & we all play the alphabet game. You know the one name a animal that starts with the letter, or cars or places in our town. Anyway he was being silly!! LOL
Faces & names are hidden to protect his identity!!

Than after my EPIC FAIL on the lemon bars. I tried this one that was causing a lot of interest on Pintrist. It's a box of angel food cake mix mixed with a can of lemon pie filling, baked for 20 minutes. Not impressed :(

Update on my Frito poops!! LOL I emailed them & they are going to send me coupons which will be here in a week!!?? We shall see, I'll update when received!!


Sweet Pea said...

That's funny T.T. Hope you get your coupons!

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait to read the follow up!

helly5 said...

That's such a funny photo! :)

Gene Black said...

Ha ha...I love the cuteness of the little boy. He is my kinda guy.

I love it when a company stands up and shows they stand behind their products.

andsewon said...

Cute pic!! Oh my DH loves the lemon bars but I do not make them. He has not tried any in a long while either.My BFF Deb normally makes them but she is now Diabetic so now not baking any sweets till she gets a handle on her diet.
Happy you emailed them!