Tuesday, March 6, 2012

58 of 366

LOL I'm a slacker!!! Need to get caught up!! Good news is I'm cleaning & getting rid of stuff. Got a pile of trash, a pile to sell & a pile to keep!! YAY!!

I got a bag of Frito's Scoops & they were all rejects!!


Needled Mom said...

They won't be scooping much, will they?

Chris at Hye Thyme Cafe said...

Wow, that is weird if they were all in one small bag. I love using the scoop to eat Chili!! I was just thinking about that about an hour ago while wandering around the grocery store, but I need to cook stuff I can blog and have already blogged my chili. I'm soooo far behind!! :(

Gene Black said...

LOL....between your photo of the chips and Chris' comment, now I want corn chips!

andsewon said...

Email them with a pic! I did this about lettuce to Dole and got loads of $1 coupons!;-) We have had 2 items in the past month almost as bad. A box of Sociable crackers all broken and a bag of chips that were mostly crumbs! Sad.
I do hope your scoops still tasted good though!