Tuesday, March 6, 2012

58 of 366

LOL I'm a slacker!!! Need to get caught up!! Good news is I'm cleaning & getting rid of stuff. Got a pile of trash, a pile to sell & a pile to keep!! YAY!!

I got a bag of Frito's Scoops & they were all rejects!!


Needled Mom said...

They won't be scooping much, will they?

Chris HyeThymeCafe said...

Wow, that is weird if they were all in one small bag. I love using the scoop to eat Chili!! I was just thinking about that about an hour ago while wandering around the grocery store, but I need to cook stuff I can blog and have already blogged my chili. I'm soooo far behind!! :(

Gene Black said...

LOL....between your photo of the chips and Chris' comment, now I want corn chips!

andsewon said...

Email them with a pic! I did this about lettuce to Dole and got loads of $1 coupons!;-) We have had 2 items in the past month almost as bad. A box of Sociable crackers all broken and a bag of chips that were mostly crumbs! Sad.
I do hope your scoops still tasted good though!