Thursday, September 30, 2010

So it's still raining??

Get the ark ready cause we are gonna need it!!

I worked again tonight! At the deli next door their AC decided to quilt & send out smoke signals out of their light fixtures. Everyone was evacuated out safely & no worse for the wear. There was 6 fire trucks & fire fighters everywhere!! Exciting!!

Than I got a $25.00 dollar gift certificate to Amazon for doing a hair survey!!
So I ordered 10 needles for the mega quilter & a car charger for my phone!! Yippiee!!
Than I won a $10.00 gift certificate from the June shop hop, yippie for
So I ordered over the phone cause online it said the GC was invaild?? It wasn't I got a charm party purse pattern!

Than I won a gift certificate from to CSN stores for $50.00!! From Nanbon's Corner
So I ordered this! A Paula Dean 5 quart dutch oven & a pizza stone!

Than a friend gave me a GC to Flat Eddies for a free flat pizza just have to buy a soda!!

Tee hee than my little brother turned 50 today!! Wahoo Happy Birthday Richard!! I talked to him just as he was parking the truck for the night! he was going to wait till he saw the menu to see what sparked his taste buds for his birthday dinner, I think he said he was in Ohio??


Gene Black said...

Your little brother shares my birthday??? How cool is that!

Pat said...

WOW...what fun with all those gift certificates you have gotten! Keep up the good work!

Barb said... are a lucky gal lately....congrats!!

andsewon said...

We have had the rain too but needed it badly! WOW you the lucky gal. Happy BD to your brother too!!

Em said...

You are a lucky lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOw much fun is shopping when it is free?!

ROZ said...

Happy birthday to your brother. Are you lucky or what??

Just Me Stampin said...

OMG ...are you lucky or what?

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