Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain Rain go away!!

Gosh knows we are getting more than our fair share of rain!!

I've been working crazy hours, can't remember what day it is!! LOL
I worked last night till 9. So when people come in we are supposed to greet them by saying Hi welcome to (insert salon name) LOL so I greeted someone by saying Hi welcome to big lots??? I have no idea where that came from, totally gave me the giggles!! Than Loui & I were sitting there talking & a lady came in & I got up to help her, Loui saw her go toward the products & got up & ran to beat me there!! I was so mad I was like WTHeck?? We got the giggles again. Than I went to go out the front door to see how busy the shopping center was & there's a guy standing there taking a pee?? I was oh, turned around & went back in??? Was a crazy night!! And where was the security guy?? anywho I did talk to the security guy this afternoon & he said he chased the guy away!

On sewing I got the binding on the 30's print quilt that I picked all the quilting out & re-quilted. Plus made my MIL the smaller bow tucks bag. I was kinda disappointed in the smaller version? It seems just shorter to me than all around smaller, might just be me?? I don't know?! Hope to get a picture soon!!


Melissa said...

Lots of rain here, too. Depressing, but we need it. If you have to have a long day at work, at least it was a giggly one!

Pat said...

And you are sending that rain up here now, aren't you??

Gene Black said...

Hi welcome to Curl Up and Dye Salon, How can we style your tresses?

Ha ha. That brings back some memories.

I have answered the phone at home with my "work answer" more times than I care to remember. Oh and I have answered at work with other places I worded in the past. Sheesh, that is so embarrassing.