Friday, October 23, 2009

So it's Friday!!

So I wasn't so busy with hair yesterday, one didn't show up & my color decided she wants to let her grey grow out. So we cut it boy short! Looks adorable on her!
She ordered 2 checkbook covers Sweet! Another one wants me to design her a purse??
She wants 3 compartments, 2 zippers?, pockets in & outside, made from blue or black denim. I'm not convinced I can do it? Oh & about medium size.
Than I got another sewing order! SWEET!!
So today I'm going to try & make a pattern & see if I can make it work!
Than on Bakespace they have in the forums, every month a cooking challenge. So this month's challenge is to use produce local to your area. So I want to look at a few recipes that are challenge worthy!!
Than I have one of the baby quilts on the frame. I need it done so I can donate it to our church bazzar on Nov. 14th.
I want to try Green Fairy's swirling circles, she did a video on it a few days ago.
I have watched it like 25 times!! LOL I want to get the machine ready to go & watch it again. Hopefully I can do it with the short arm machine!
So I better get cracking!!

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Pat said...

Sounds like good plans!!! Let us know how the baby quilt turns out with the circle quilting, okay?