Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Good morning
I got up with the chickens! LOL
I got a lot done yesterday but not all I wanted to do! I went to a friend's she had some t-shirts & denim shirts she wanted to see if I wanted them. Cool most of them still have tags on them!
Than I went to Joker's to teach him how to copy & paste, let's say that was amusing!! LOL

I made stuffed cabbage for dinner as part of the challenge. yummm I've made it one time before & it was icky. I made sweet potato candy but it's a flop. Today I'm going to try & make apple strudel. I used to help my mom make it when I was a kid but have never done it myself. I'm kinda nervous about it!

So for your enjoyment: BREAKFAST IS READY!! LOL DH has to work. So I made scrambled eggs, fried ham, rice, fresh baked biscuits & red eye gravy!!
Y'all come hungry!!

Hey any of my Bakespace beeps that read this PLEASE don't "squeal" on me yet!! LOL

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