Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Monday!!

Good morning!
My cell phone decided to quit yesterday?? I could turn it on than try to do anything & it would shut off?? Was driving me crazy! So I got a new phone & it's a touch screen & for the life of me I couldn't answer it?? Finally figured it out!! So been trying to put my numbers in cause of course they are not saved to my Sims card? Ughhhhhh!! I had to use the old phone & hook it up to the computer & use my Motorala phone tools program & write all the numbers down. I'm so going to save that paper!!
I had no Internet last night!! We had a small thunder storm & knocked out the cable?? Boy was I freaking out! LOL I went & read my book at 7pm, almost finished it too!

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Wendy said...

Just think Monday is almost over... after today the week can only get better...Take care