Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Saturday Morning

Sorry I haven't updated on BIL. They ended up not doing the surgery the other night. Why I don't know?? He's home & it's caged for now so he can't move it. Has a Dr. appt. for Tuesday & they will decide when to do the surgery then?? Crazy in my opinion! Anyway my SIL & her daughter went to stay with him to do what needs to be done. That would be his sister to him. And you know how men are they don't get details?? That's all I got!!

Then yesterday a dear sweet friend's husband was called home to the Lord. She could use a few Prayers!

I went to my friend Joker's yesterday to help him put some motorcycles up on Craig's List. But Craig's List was not behaving?? It would have been a wasted trip but I was kept busy by this!! LOL

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Pat said...

Oh, what SWEET kitties. Sorry to hear about your friend losing her husband. I do hope the doctors made the right decision in delaying BIL's surgery.