Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday already??

Hubby & I went yard saling yesterday, looking for a cheap decent lawn mower. None were to be found. Also didn't buy anything else, tee hee I know shocking!! I saved my money to get some food!! Food Lion has turkey breast's for 99 cents a lb. So we got one it was marked $18 & change it was only $8 & change after!! Sweet, going to bake it after church for dinner. Than we can slice some for sandwiches & make turkey salad for hubby's lunches! We also got some steaks that were marked down & ground turkey too!

Than I looked on Craig's List & found a lawn mower for $50.00. It's a Craftsman mulcher 6.0. So we go look at it & it's got a minor gas leak? Hubby said let's offer him less so we did & got it for $35.00.
Loaded up my new green machine LOL I had to hide it from my little red machine didn't want her to get jealous! I'm going to have a friend look at her, I just don't want to give my little red power house up yet!! I got her dumpster diving about 3 years ago. She needed a new blade & tune up & she has been great!! She's got no bells or whistles that makes it easier to work on!
So Hubby got the front ditch cut plus the back, than I did the front so they don't throw us out of the neighborhood!! I can't do the ditch well it kills my back. They (city or county) put sewers in & dug them so deep & I'm afraid the mower is going to tip over!

Well I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into!

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