Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yesterday was crazy!!

LOL I got to go on a service call!! Our on the rode tech doesn't work on Tuesday's. So I got to go, this lady has been having trouble staying online. So the tech was supposed to swap out the ethernet cable last time he was out there. Well he didn't. So I get a bunch of cables & take a ethernet card too just in case!! LOL this lady was crazy!! She was nice one minute than cursing at me the next?? Kept excusing herself to use the bathroom like every 2 seconds?? I think she was nipping the bottle!! LOL Anyway it was the ethernet card that was bad so I swapped it out.I go to reset the earthlink modem & wireless router & she tells me she has the papers on how to do that.Off she goes blipper blabbering & comes back 2 seconds later yelling she shouldn't have to look for those papers I should know how to do that?? I was about to tell her I didn't need them but just kept my mouth shut!! Got her up and running. Than I had to make sure her laptop worked plus her networked printer! Than she wanted all this other free work & all I wanted to do was get out of there!! She has 4 huge cats & their litter boxes were in this room I was in & ewwwwwww! So I told her I can only do the work that was on the call back work order! Yippee for quick thinking!! I was trying to keep my cool, LOL!!Than she wants a hug before I could leave??!!! Crazy!!!

Then I had the yard sale meet too! I had sold this globe/bar thingy last week & she didn't let me know when she was going to come get it?? It had to be picked up here, cause it needed to be taken apart to get out the door! And I wasn't going to take it apart & lug it up there in case she was a no show. So she called & came & got it about 7:30. Yippee got that huge monster thing outta my living room!!

Question: What do you get, when you mix GPS with PMS?

Answer: A crazy woman who will find you!


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

sounds like you had a fun day at work, and all those cats, yuk, I'm allergic and then wanting a hug....ewww your right we do have the same saying, i switch mine up alot.

Holly said...

You poor thing. Sounds like a heck of a time. Don't you just love customer service work. The customer is always right. LOL. NOT!!!

Pat said...

I'm sure you are glad you don't have to go out on calls that often. Many years ago, hubby was in a job where he did home TV repairs and he has some stories about wackos, too.