Friday, April 24, 2009

Wahoo another quilt off the frame!!

My Mom pieced the top for Susan's Mom. All it needs is the binding!! I'm off today so hopefully I can get it done! I have a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt to load up for a hair client. Her MIL made it & she just passed. She wants it for her hubbies birthday in June. It's getting just a meander cause the piecing is not great. She didn't use a satin stitch for the applique. So she fine with that will help hold it all together! I'll get a picture when I get it loaded. LOL first I have to finishing pressing the back & sew it together!!

Has anyone seen this site Quilting on a Budget?? I wanna try the press & seal!!

I was messing around with irons LOL trying to get 1 outta 2 LOL The one in the front didn't have a gasket just all the black looking tar on the counter. Shame on you Rowenta!!

My last day at the salon is tomorrow!!!! Yippiee NO MORE 6 days for me!! I just can't do it!!

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