Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm on a roll!!

Yippie I got the binding on the red white & blue quilt!!

Than made another tote, more like a purse!! Hope to get another one done so I can take them downtown! I hope they sell!!

This one is finished now even put velcro on it!!

Our church senior day was fun!! Lunch was excellent!! My cake went over big!! Tasted more like a carrot cake without the carrots & raisins! I wish I could find the one I used to make!

My cruise control on my sewing stopped working right in the middle of sewing :( so not happy!! I call the shop today they told me the lady could come out to look at it. I came home from work to try & straighten up LOL need more than a day!! Anyway I moved the hand control & the wire fell out!!?? So I called them back & she said to bring it in & she could fix it!

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holly said...

Beautiful bags. Great job. Good luck with selling them.