Friday, January 9, 2009

Wow I've been a bad blogger!!

I've had too much stress going on in my life!!
Some of you know DH got laid off & was collecting unemployment. That ran out the week before Christmas. That was paying some bills. I don't make enough to pay it all!
Anyway on Wed he told me he called a realtor to put the house on the market??
The real estate lady was supposedly coming here at 9 haven't seen her, so I'm assuming he called her & told her not to come.
He thinks selling the house & paying off the mortgage & using the rest to rent somewhere is going to save us!. I told him if anyone comes here today he can pack his bags & get the "F" out!
tee hee I went & got a bottle of wine last night & I drank it all! Not one sip not one swallow but the whole dang bottle!!
Anyway I feel betrayed, I'm hurt he would do that!???
Told me I'm living in a fantasy world, I said no a nightmare!!
He's gone to Lowes home improvement to see if they are hiring
I'm going back to the salon in Hampstead to work Friday's & Saturday's. I'm too old for all this crap!!
Any & all Prayers are welcome!!!

Before this all happend I did make
Harley's cookies

Blocks for a swap

And a potholder for a swap, that no else signed up for :( But I get to keep it!! Was a lot of fun to make! Only trouble I had was letting loose on not matching up your points LOL it's from Quiltville Maverick Stars. I used 3 1/2 block's to get the size need for the guidelines!

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holly said...

I am so sorry to here about your run of bad luck. I am sure he is just stressed out and thought that it was best. But shame on him for not talking to you about it first. I am praying for you.