Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good morning

Good morning!!

I've been running amuck since yesterday!! I went to do a little food shopping. Got 2 10lb. bags of chicken thighs & legs they were 59 cents a lb. so 10 lbs. was 5.90 a bag!! I used 6 to make that Heavenly starter than put 6 in the crock pot overnight in barbecue sauce & onions smells yummy!! Washed out the crock pot & have 4 in there now with some ginger, teriyaki sauce & a can of pineapple!! I still have a pile to do something with!

DH is going to see if he can work at the temp. agency today. I'm going to a friends to do some computer repairs for her!! Then when I come back the teriyaki chicken should be done. So I can use the crock pot for something else. I want to make some dog cookies too!!

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