Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yippiee didn't cook breakfast!

Here's what I did today
I was up early lol so what else is new??!! We had bought tickets for a pancake breakfast from my niece on Thanksgiving. Yes yippee they were for today!! So off we went at 8:15 to eat. Hit a few yard sales bought polar bear salt & pepper shakers they are Pfaltzgraff for a buck!! Than hit the dollar store & food store. Got stuff to make chocolate chip cookies, fudge & sugar cookies!

Made 4 wonder wallets, have a few more to make!! Got our 5 dollar gift exchange with DH's family done! Found lining fabric for a tote/purse I'm making for my Mom!
I took out some turkey & stock was thinking soup but DH requested turkey & pastry. So off to make granny's pastry! Oh & fudge is made!!
Looking for a simple easy sugar cookie recipe! What ya got???

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Norma said...

Got another golden oldie......want it?