Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yesterday & Today!!

Mom & I looked at some books she got at the thrift store yesterday. She looked at some plates there & we looked them up online by the name of the company. Found out how much they were & we went thrift shopping! I bought 3 1/2 pairs of salt & pepper shakers.

We bought this:
the first one in the vanilla smells really great & feels fabulous!
Then we went back to her house for lunch she made a Tabula salad that was from a box. Middle East was the brand & it was really good. We both enjoyed our day!!
I made hot open faced turkey sandwiches with leftover corn & stuffing for dinner yummy!
It was 65 here Thursday I put my bathing suit on & let the sun heat up my back than sat in the hot tub!
It's 53 here now. Think I'm going to go chill with 2 books Mom gave me ones scrap quilts & the other is making homemade soap.
tee hee Mom's town is small I went to the post office & was in & out in 3 minutes???

Wow so I was chilling out & my cell phone rang don't reconize the number, answer it anyway! I'm glad I did!! It was my old room mate when I first moved back into my house! He got married in March & has an 11 week old baby boy. I'm so in shock!!
Was really great talking to him!!


My Mom is coming over this morning. I have nite nite cinammon buns in the oven now, smells so good!!
I have a turkey to roast today too. Need to run out at some point & get stuffing!

Mom & I had a fabulous day. I trimmed her hair up & then we laid out a quilt on the kitchen table. She has to make 2 more blocks. We looked at a new magazine & oohed & ahhhed over the quilts. Helped me with getting the turkey in the oven.
Ate cinammon buns with tea. Then called my older brother & my SIL's Mom & we all met at Brooklyn pizza. Skylar came too!
So we made plans for me to go to her house tomorrow. Sort thru some patterns & fabrics, eat lunch & go to the thrift store. I also have to go to the PO sometime & mail out a package.

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