Friday, December 19, 2008

Wirlwind 2 day's!

Wow it's been 2 busy day's! I worked yesterday here at the house started at 10:30 & didn't finish till 8:00. Then today I went to the old salon & helped 2 girls doing shampoo's! LOL I'm outta pratice my arms & back are really sore. I went in at 8 & finished around 2.It was really nice to see the 'friday ladies" I got so many hugs, miss you & I love you's I almost cried! Brought them cookies plus some for Joker! Joker went on the laptop & looked at his ebay stuff. I also put a washer up on Craig's list for him & it sold already!

DH woke up throwing up ewwwwwwww he's feeling better tonight. I took out some Heavenly chicken starter & made chicken rice soup. So far he's kept that down along with some ginger ale.

I hope to work on Mom's tote bag tomorrow. The pattern's directions are really kooky?? I have ditched them & doing it my way!! LOL

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