Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy November!!

Good morning!! I know it's really evening but I started this really early!
I've been bouncing off the walls already!! LOL I have no idea what time I really got up??? First time it was 3 so really 2?? But went & laid on the couch till I heard the coffee pot go on at 5 so really was 4??
I don't know?? LOL
DH & I have have spent the last 2 days doing stuff together, like a budget, food shopping, talking & just getting along!! We had "date night" Saturday morning stuffed our faces a Golden Corral!! We did go out last Wed. night too!! A sports bar at the beach has half price nights on Mon., Wed., Fri., & Sundays from 5 to 9. So DH had a ham & turkey club sandwich & I had a grilled steak with mushrooms, onions & cheese on a grilled pita with 2 sodas was less than 10 bucks!! Was good too!!
Looks like DH is going to Raleigh Tuesday morning for 2 weeks!! So I put 5 chicken thighs & legs in the crock pot last night. Took them out this morning & put the broth in 2 pot's. Put pastry(like fat noodles) in one & rice in the other. Than picked the chicken thru & wow have a huge pot of chicken & pastry & a huge pot of chicken & rice yummmm!! Put some in containers for him to take with him! Also have a pot of green beans going! After church I wanna make that apple cake again, this time in loaf pans. We went to a few yard sales looking for a tube pan but no luck:( I did the apple cake in a bundt pan last time it was good but didn't look like the picture!! So maybe the loafs will look more like the picture!! OK gotta move sitting still too long!!!

So it's after 5 now!! We are having the chicken & rice for supper with green beans.
I have the cake in the oven. yummm smelling good!!

Oh & it looks like we finally found a church to go to!!! Yipiee!!!

And I DID IT!! I finally got the mail merge to work for me!!! Yippieee

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