Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Tuesday!!

Good morning!!
LOL been up since 4am??? Neighbor was gunning his engine??? Argggg so I got up & made coffee. Than been trying to do a mail merge???? 2 hours I tell ya!!! It's driving me nuts!!!! I CAN'T DO IT??????

LOL Good afternoon
I mailed out the wallet's on Saturday morning & have heard back that 2 of them have been received hope all y'all get them soon!!

hee hee Good evening!!
It's after 9 & I'm finally sitting down LOL!! It's been a crazy hectic day!! Computer shop was busy, just me & the boys. Susan was doing a site survey this morning plus a few errands. Than Joker called mid morning wanted me to bring my laptop up so he lol I could help him with ebay. So I came home got the laptop & went up there for 2 hours. Then hit the Food Lion to get vegtable oil & OJ to make an apple cake that a friend has posted on her blog. Had leftovers for dinner & the apple cake is in the oven & oh my it's smelling soooo good, still has another 1/2 hour to bake!!
Get the recipe here ,this is not my friend's blog but the site the recipe is posted on!!

Oh & on the mail merge ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HDMac said...

Wow! Can you believe that I actually slept IN that morning! I never do that! lol